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Medical tourism market



Medical tourism market has been rapidly growing. Everyday there appear:

  • Unique medical technologies
  • New clinics with attractive quotes
  • New countries entering the medical tourism market and actively supporting its development

Are you sure you're using all the opportunities?



The wide range of existing opportunities catalyzes development. The market is changing and changing rapidly.

Now, what kind of a leader are you:

  • The one who would rather later adapt to changes?
  • Or the one who acts now and makes the difference?


The medical tourism market was created long ago, so an established company, working on it, seems to have a steady future, because:

  • It has firm relationship with its partners
  • It has developed its working principles

However, ask yourself two questions:

  • Are you sure that your company keeps its leading positions through smooth and stable growth?
  • Do you know which technologies help new companies gain a solid position on the market only a year or two after entering it, demonstrating a galloping exponential growth?

So, are there any technological solutions that would provide a clinic or an agency with opportunities for rapid growth and expansion on the changing market? Of course, there are!

Not all medical tourism market players use advanced IT-platforms, but those who do have already established themselves as leaders on their respective markets.

EasyCase makes running your business easier

If you are:

Sending patients

  • Fast and cost-free search for new clinics for patient's request
  • Raising efficiency with the help of an integrated CRM-system for managing patients, designed specifically for medical tourism market
  • Raising conversion based on analytics by managers and pipeline
  • Receiving responses with treatment programs from clinics at 40% faster rate
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Receiving patients for treatment

  • Additional requests for treatment from new agencies all around the world
  • Saving your marketing budget on attracting new agents
  • Doctors can view DICOM and other medical files without downloading them
  • Paying only for the patients you have received
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About EasyCase

The EasyCase company is based in USA. It has been working with US clinics in the medical IT market for already 5 years. EasyCase portal features 5 trending countries of choice, which accept foreign patients, 57 top-priority ICD diseases handled in the system. It is planned to have 300 clinics registered in the system.

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5 countries

Thoroughly represented newest trending countries

57 ICD diseases

Treated by the clinics in the system

300 clinics

Planned amount of the leading clinics in the system


EasyCase contacts in CIS:

Email: info@easycasemed.com

WhatsApp: +7 913 010 5975

Tel.: 8 800 250 3926

EasyCase Systems Inc.

Address: 2464 Massachusetts Ave, Suite 220 Cambridge MA 02140


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