EasyCase will improve your efficiency as Facilitator in working with partners and handling patients’ requests

Registering a Facilitator’s account

Sending patients

  • handle treatment requests that do not match the specialty or capacity of your partner clinics
  • automate and simplify your working process with partner clinics, having all statistics, analytics and work data in a single tab

Receiving patients for treatment

  • automate your working process with partner agents
  • have a higher rating to stand out from your competitors.

Who is a Facilitator in EasyCase?

Facilitator’s role

Facilitator is a mediator who helps foreign patients with all non-medical issues during their treatment abroad. Many medical facilities do not have their own translators specializing in medicine, let alone employees who can meet patients at the airport, aid in sorting out all treatment aspects specific to the country, or at least provide leisure and accommodation for patients and their supporters. That is where facilitators step in. They help clinics that cannot sufficiently support their foreign patients with non-medical services.

Facilitator’s responsibility

Only legal persons are permitted to register as facilitators in EasyCase, in order to ensure the high quality of services and compliance with personal data security regulations.

CIS medical tourism market

Medical tourism agencies in Russia and other CIS countries prefer to work with the clinic directly, without involving any facilitators. This works out well when clinics have their own international departments that can provide quality medical and non-medical services. With EasyCase, facilitators can represent only the clinics whose international departments cannot provide patients with non-medical services. That is why the agents working with EasyCase can choose for themselves, which companies they can add as their partners. Facilitators, as well as clinics, gain advantage over competitors by offering faster, better, quality services and conditions.

Advantages of EasyCase for Facilitators

Automating coordinator’s work. The CRM system, designed specifically for the medical tourism market, helps with raising working efficiency of your managers.
Faster responses to patients. With the help of the integrated DICOM Viewer you can receive and handle responses from clinics, doctors and agencies faster and in a single tab, because now there is no need to download and transfer DICOM files to doctors, if you need a second opinion. Doctor can simply access the DICOM file through a link, without downloading it.
Access to marketing platform and information resource where you can find information about events which bring together professional medical tourism agencies from Russia and CIS. These agencies send more than 200,000 Russian-speaking patients abroad every year.
Discounts for participation in B2B events for CEOs of largest medical tourism agencies in Russia and CIS.
Basic account is free for Facilitators.


What features does the basic Facilitator’s account have?

With the basic account all Facilitators can:

  • use CRM features for working with inquiries to and from their partners;
  • invite current and potential partners
  • access marketing and information platform developed by Medical Tourism Agencies Association of Russia and CIS.

Can a Facilitator use the same account for both receiving and sending inquiries?

No, you need to register separate accounts for those functions and fill in your company profile on both of them.

I cannot send or receive inquiries from my partners. What should I do?

Fill in all fields in your company profile. Only then you will get access to working with your partners, because otherwise your partners will not be able to see all the information they need.

How can a Facilitator gain access to the EasyCase inquiries database?

EasyCase can consider giving a premium account to companies that meet the following requirements:

  • Active users of the service, received and/or sent at least 100 patients in the last 6 months
  • There are written recommendations from partner agencies and other players on the medical tourism market
  • You are ready to work with agents using EasyCase without reducing their current fees
  • If all requirements are met, a Facilitator may receive a premium account following negotiations. Each case is reviewed individually.

I’d like to promote my company on CIS market. Who may help me with marketing activities?

You can check the list of upcoming marketing events at imtaa.org, site of the Medical Tourism Agencies Association. You may also send your questions to info@imtaa.org.

Registering a Facilitator’s account

Send patients


Recieve patients