Sales and clinics management system for medical tourism agencies



Built-in free CRM

Your medical tourism sales are easier and faster to complete when you can manage current operations with your clients. The built-in CRM system allows sales managers to operate with as many clients as you need. The “intelligent” system itself reminds you about developments and changes in a client’s inquiry at every stage of the process.


Reaching customers

Nowadays there are no countries in Europe, Asia and America that haven’t shown interest in the medical tourism market. Attractive price offers, unique diagnosis and treatment technologies appear everywhere. Whoever is able to offer the most flexible terms to their clients will win their business. With EasyCase, your customers get easy access to the world’s best clinics specializing in the most in-demand specialties: oncology, cardiac surgery and orthopedic treatment.


Convenience and security

Medical travel agencies are constantly dealing with large files of medical images. Transferring these files is a headache for both managers and hospital coordinators alike. That’s why our built-in DICOM viewer makes storage and transferring images so much easier, allowing hospitals to respond immediately.

Compare two methods

Effective work via EasyCase

Working the usual way
Working with EasyCase

Tracking down clients in Excel and via email.

No notification system.

All data, files and clinics responses are stored in one client's case.

Notifications and reminders.

Patient's data stay confidential.

Sending inquiries at random if there is no previous record of the case.

Heavy spending on finding and evaluating new clinics.

Corresponding at length with an international department even before signing an agreement.

A single inquiry for selected countries and ICD diseases, automated search.

Detailed and up-to-date data about any clinic.

No need for an agreement with a clinic.

Learning about new treatments or better prices from a client that has gone to a different agency.

No possibility to compare working conditions of different clinics.

You get updated on new treatment methods and new services in the clinic.

Referring current and potential partners.

Your fees stay the same with current partners.

Hard to track responses from clinics off-hours.

Forming responses to clients manually.

Online access to clinics' responses, up-to-date information 24 hours a day.

Special template for creating a response to your client.

Using non-secure cloud services to transfer DICOM files.

Many uploads and downloads that lead to chaos in file names and file storage systems.

Storing and accessing all documents directly from the case.

Integrated DICOM viewer.

Agency's CEO cannot immediately see the whole situation

No way to find out, why clients take their time to "think" and stop responding to phone calls

No way to assess each manager's efficiency and effectiveness

Full analytics of the current state in the CEO interface

Clear understanding of ways to improve your exposure and make clients come back to you

Reports and charts of each manager's efficiency by clients and cases

How it works

Registering in the system

Access to CRM system

Verifying data

Access to inquiry sending system

Sales and efficiency growth

About EasyCase

The EasyCase company is based in USA. It has been working with US clinics in the medical IT market for already 5 years. EasyCase portal features 5 trending countries of choice, which accept foreign patients, 57 top-priority ICD diseases handled in the system. It is planned to have 300 clinics registered in the system.

Responsive image

Evgeniy Chernyshev,medical tourism market expert of the Medical Tourism Agencies Association.

Companies aiming to have a solid share of the medical tourism market face three problems:

— How to keep up with the rapid-growing market?

— How to raise efficiency?

— How to surpass competitors?

As the practice evidences, all these problems can easily be solved by using modern IT solutions designed specifically for the medical tourism market. I think that the EasyCase platform, which provides communication for agencies, clinics and patients, is currently the most progressive solution on the market.


What is EasyCase?

EasyCase is an online service for medical tourism agencies that provides possibility to:

— work with patients as if in CRM system

— send inquiries directly to registered clinics with the required specialty all around the world

— communicate with coordinators.

Treatment of which medical conditions can be requested within the system?

Our EasyCase team invites a wide range of clinics that provide treatment for the most trending disciplines in medical tourism. You can form inquiries for all basic ICD diseases, and the system will show you the amount of clinics treating them by country once you send it.

Do the inquiries get sent to the EasyCase employees, who then redirect it to the clinics?

All inquiries, correspondence and other types of communication are performed directly between agency managers and clinics coordinators. The EasyCase service works like an information platform which provides convenient means of communication.

Can patients communicate directly with the clinic through EasyCase?

EasyCase is a b2b platform, so patients can communicate only with agencies they've chosen, send medical data and other files only to them and receive treatment plans in an agency's template.

How will EasyCase affect our fees?

Fees for working with your current partners stay the same even while using EasyCase. The profit from working with EasyCase is greater than the additional fee clinics have to pay to access it, so clinics are eager to join the system. All the agreements between an agency and a clinic are made with no third party involved.

What if I can't find my current partner in EasyCase, but I have an inquiry to send him?

EasyCase features a referral system, so you can invite your current and potential partners and clinics. Feel free to invite your partners. There is a special offer: newly registered clinics can work with their current partners for free for half a year, so that they can assess the service, its convenience and usefulness.

Who can see the data of our patients?

The contacts of your patients are strictly confidential. Only their direct manager can see them; after you have agreed with the clinic to send the patient there, the clinic also gets access to these data. Patients can communicate only with the agency from their accounts, which they need mainly to upload and send files (for example, DICOM files).

How long does EasyCase store DICOM files?

For at least 5 years.

How much does the access to EasyCase cost for agencies?

All basic functions of EasyCase are provided to agencies for free. However, there will be featured certain additional services, for which agencies will have to pay if they want to use them. Your partners, the clinics, pay a small fee only for the patients they have received.

What kind of support does EasyCase provide?

We have a customer support service to help with all technical problems, all users have access to an introductory video, and there are also pop-up tips for using the service. The process of using the service is self-explanatory and greatly resembles the everyday working process of an agency.



You will able to download free ebook

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