Effective work via EasyCase


It takes a lot of time for managers to search for partner agencies via Internet means, presentations and email.

Response rate for collaboration offers is too low.

Heavy expenses on marketing campaigns, promotional price reduction offers, advertisement and printed handouts, expensive trips to consult doctors and participate in exhibitions.

Joining EasyCase provides access to all current inquiries from agencies all around the world.

Managers specify clinic's specialties in EasyCase. Then the clinic automatically receives more inquiries for treating specific diseases.

All you have to provide then — treatment regimen.

Settling a lot of agreements doesn't mean you will get a lot of patients.

Agencies may sometimes send patients to other clinics and you can never know why.

In EasyCase clinics’ profiles are designed specifically to provide agencies with 100% of information they need.

Moreover, you can purchase an extended account that will help you market the clinic. EasyCase experts will help you to fill it.

Clinics are also able to see to which countries inquiries have been sent and can choose which inquiries to accept.

Handling requests from patients manually in Excel makes it unstructured, and it takes a lot of time to update information.

EasyCase also has an integrated request tracking system, a kind of mini-CRM.

Notification system, which sends reminders to your email.

Top management has access to request handling analytics.

Heavy DICOM files need to be downloaded from cloud storages and saved locally.

It is hard to send DICOM files to a doctor, because they can only be opened in special programs.

An integrated DICOM viewer: there is no more need to download and re-download heavy DICOM files to send them to doctors.

Doctors have remote access to all the documents and can give their feedback immediately.

Sending medical documents via email, Skype and other messengers doesn't provide the required level of security and can be contrary to laws of some countries.
EasyCase has the highest level of information security in compliance with HIPAA, the US standard of personal data protection.
International departments of clinics that don't use EasyCase generally spend 1–2 more days on handling cases, negatively affecting patient's decision process.
Clinics respond faster, which positively affects patient's decision process.

How it works

Registering in the system and filling the profile

Verifying data

Inviting partners

Accessing inquiries from new agents

Increasing the number of patients

About EasyCase

The EasyCase company is based in USA. It has been working with US clinics in the medical IT market for already 5 years. EasyCase portal features 5 trending countries of choice, which accept foreign patients, 57 top-priority ICD diseases handled in the system. It is planned to have 300 clinics registered in the system.


What is EasyCase?

EasyCase is an online platform for clinics that accept foreign patients. Here clinics can show their offers to a great number of leading medical tourism agencies all around the world and receive their inquiries according to the clinics’ specialties.

How can this service help with attracting foreign patients to the clinic?

Dozens of medical tourism agencies are registered in EasyCase, and they are using it every day to send hundreds of inquiries from their clients (patients) to foreign clinics. All agencies can see any registered clinic and send inquiries to it. Also, agencies are generally interested in offering various options to their clients, so you are even more likely to receive a inquiry.

How do agencies working with EasyCase choose, to which clinics should they send their inquiries?

When an agency manager has to decide, to which clinics should he or she send an inquiry, he or she can apply filters to the whole list of clinics and see only those that specialize on the medical problem of the patient. Other clinics from the same country of inquiry can also send their offers to the agency.

Who can see the clinic's response to the patient's request?

It is visible only to the agency that sent the inquiry.

Is there a fee for using EasyCase?

Clinics have to pay a small fee for all the patients they received, but only for them. All agreements are made directly with the agencies; an agreement with EasyCase is formed separately. Special offer for clinics: newly registered clinics can work with their current partners for free for half a year, so that they can assess the service, its convenience and usefulness.

If the clinic already has partners, can it work with them using EasyCase in order to improve efficiency of coordinators?

EasyCase features a referral system, so you can invite your current partners. Feel free to invite your partners! Aside from the fact that this service is free for agencies, there is also an additional gain: agencies get access to a CRM system designed specifically for medical tourism market that improves their efficiency, which means that more patients are sent to you.